Struxure Pergola Roof

When the idea of adding a backyard pergola to your property first enters your mind, you may be wondering why all products look the same. With innovative pergola designs from Struxure, you won't have to have a backyard that looks like everyone else's. Instead, you'll receive an experience unlike any other with Struxure's revolutionary louvered technology and other luxury features. Let's go over some of the most compelling reasons to choose a Struxure pergola.

5 Components That Make Struxure Pergolas Special

Struxure pergolas were designed to take the world of outdoor living by storm, and that's exactly what they did. Their premium technology has revolutionized the way people interact with their backyard spaces, ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing experience no matter the weather.

The Struxure Pergola X and Cabana X are luxury models that incorporate industry-leading construction, design intent, and tech components for convenience. Here are the five components of a Struxure pergola broken down:

  1. Platform: The pergola platform is intentionally designed to divert rainwater to its gutters and features customizable beams and posts to accommodate the addition of lighting, screens, and more.
  2. Canopy: The pergola's overhead system is called the canopy which features automated pivoting louvers. The canopy can be adjusted to lock in place and provide a watertight seal during rain.
  3. Appearance: Struxure pergolas were designed with the luxury user in mind. That's why they feature a sleek and minimalist appearance with all hardware and bolts hidden away.
  4. Backdrop: Struxure pergolas have backdrop features that refer to all the additional enhancements that take the design and function to the next level. They can be customized with curtains, screens, panels, and more.
  5. Experience: The most compelling element that makes a Struxure pergola stand out against the competition is the elevated experience it offers. Struxure is constantly improving user enjoyment through upgrades.

Louvered Pergola Roof Technology in Greater Chicago

Struxure's louvered pergola roof technology allows the user to close the roof during rain and adjust shade in the sun. Traditional pergola designs are simply constructed to stay in place without the ability to adjust throughout the day and the seasons. Struxure's louvered feature is one of the most desirable elements of their pergolas because it allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoor space regardless of the weather.

Choose Erdmann for Your Luxury Struxure Pergola Installation

At Erdmann Outdoor Living, we specialize in beautiful Struxure pergola installations in the Northwest and Western Chicago suburbs. Our team has extensive experience working with Struxure products to provide homeowners with a luxury outdoor living experience. We also specialize in outdoor living spaces and comprehensive backyard remodeling. Reach out today to get started with a free quote for your Struxure pergola!